Starting Again

In many ways, it seems like I am starting over, but, seeing that I am trying to be more positive in life (and there really isn’t anything terribly negative in my life, just ways to optimize) I have decided to consider this little journey “Starting Again”. The last few years of my life have been hectic and stressful, filled with more changes than I could reasonably cope with, which led me to decide it was time to start my life again. When I turned 40, it seemed like as good of a time as any.

To be completely transparent, the main reason I’m writing here is accountability. While I have heard the advice many times, I’m stubborn and had to learn it myself: When I hold myself accountable to only myself, not much changes; when I hold myself accountable to others, everything changes.

So here I am. For now, I’m going to break this down into things I’m already doing, or have done, and goals – both long term and short term. I’ll update this post as I make progress as well.

What I’m Doing Now

  • Improving my fitness
    Currently I’m over 60 lbs lighter than the highest I’ve ever weighed myself, and am walking 6-8 miles a week with my lovely wife and two dogs.
  • Eating healthier
    I’m making significant, easy progress here for two reasons; the first being the fact that I’m eating a low carb diet, which cuts out a lot of the crap I used to eat, and the second being that I finally subscribed to Imperfect Produce. Just having a large amount of produce delivered to my home on a weekly basis equals healthier meals by default. It’s also cheaper than the grocery store for many things, which is another positive.

    Yes, that’s an affiliate link, but I use them personally and have had a superb experience with them. If you use it, you get $10 towards your first box, and I get $10 off my next box.
  • Communicating better with my wife and children
    This is not an easy one for me. I tend to think in a very black and white fashion, talk fast, don’t listen as well as I should, and like to ‘shortcut’ discussions. I’m working to practice active listening, mirroring, and slowing down my speech.
  • Applying myself professionally
    This is honestly a first for me. While I’ve attained a decent amount of success in my professional life, I’ve never truly applied myself. I’m currently in a senior independent contributor role, touching multiple teams on a daily basis, and am getting consistent, solidly positive feedback.
  • Reigning in my finances
    This is going to be a very long term process honestly, with significant background and complexity that I’ll cover in another post.


  • Begin building muscle
    So I *am* building muscle as I work to improve my overall fitness, but I want to see 199 on the scale before I start lifting weights again. I lifted weights in high school and greatly enjoyed it.
  • Quit vaping
    I quit smoking in 2015 and have been vaping since then. I’m aiming to eventually quit vaping too.
  • Write a novel
    I’ve started writing novels in the past, but never finished one.
  • Move to a more rural area
    This is a definite long term goal that my wife and I both share. We are currently planning on North Idaho due to the low cost of living and gorgeous mountains.

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